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David Knight Life Coach

"Yesterday Is The Past, Tomorrow is The Future and Today is A Gift,
Thats Why They Call It The Present"

Your mind is an incredible tool and it will allow you to achieve all your hearts desires. Our hypnosis audio range is well proven to help strengthen your mind set to achieve success in your life. All our audio programs come with our love, support and an unwavering guarantee.

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I believe in dancing in the rain
I believe life is a fun adventure

I believe in charity
I believe purpose should be acted out
I believe in creativity
I believe technology should help you and if not get rid of it
I believe in pushing away old boundaries and creating new ones
I believe the world should be explored
I believe history leaves a ton of clues and learn from them
I believe in walking the walk
I believe in audacious goals
I believe you can build your rocket ship while you’re flying it
I believe in asking for forgiveness when we screw up
I believe in the power of now
I believe in designing your life
I believe Mondays are as good as any other day
I believe in getting up early and working on my purpose
I believe in having less – but better – stuff
I believe the thing that scares you the most is exactly what you should most be doing
I believe what you are doing is valuable
I believe you can do big things by your definition, not societies
I believe life is too short for cheap wine
I believe your purpose is a feeling, not a thing
I believe with hard work, good intentions and some duck tape you can fix anything

If you need me, I'm ready for the challenge.

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David Knight Life Coach

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David Knight Life Coach